Angry Birds Evolution 2022 Mod APK 2.9.14 (High Damage)
Angry Birds Evolution 2022 Mod APK 2.9.14 (High Damage)

Angry Birds Evolution 2022 Mod APK 2.9.14 (High Damage)

By TT - March 18, 2023 (2 weeks ago)
Name LMHMOD Angry Birds Evolution 2022
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
MOD Features God Mode, High Damage
Size 100MB
Version 2.9.14
Category Role Playing
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update March 18, 2023 (2 weeks ago )

Angry Birds Evolution 2022 Mod is a humorous action role-playing game built on the familiar Angry Birds image from publisher Rovio. But this time, it’s not slingshot levels. Instead, it offers turn-based wars inspired by the game of billiards. You will use birds to cast shadows and shoot them at enemies to deal damage. You can compete and compete against online players or AI enemies in a typical level system. This is an opportunity to see familiar images with a new look. The angry birds now have a super cool look and a funny expression series just like the original version. Besides, the enemy system (green pigs) is also extremely diverse. Discover it all in this experience.

Download Angry Birds Evolution 2022 Mod – Great wars between birds and green pigs

Perhaps we are no stranger to the great war between angry birds and green pigs that specialize in stealing eggs. Now that war is reborn again in Angry Birds Evolution 2022. It brings the fun bird warriors back and joins the new fray. More than 100 iconic characters are featured here, and there are even new species collected from the hatching event. The game also regularly organizes online events to participate in the bounty hunt. You can play alone or join a clan. Many attractive rewards and leaderboard rankings are your goal. Get ready to join, fight and show your skills. Use the birds as bullets and destroy the hateful green pigs, are you ready?


Explore innovative gameplay mechanics

Forget about slingshot wars for a while and come to wars with new mechanics. Before joining, you will have to form a squad of bird warriors to go to war. In the battle, you need to control the warriors to destroy the enemy. Just touch any bird, drag back to gain momentum, and release to shoot. However, to be effective, you need to properly align the angle of the shot. Take aim at a group of enemies to deal damage to multiple targets. Or you can take advantage of the elastic force of the strings surrounding the battlefield to create unexpected shots. Depending on the battlefield situation, you need to consider how to act accordingly.

Besides, pay attention to the HP bar of the warriors. After each shot, you will deal damage to the target and reduce the enemy’s HP. In the opposite direction, enemies also deal damage to your warriors. Good shots will quickly reduce each side’s HP. If one side loses all HP, the other side wins. You will accumulate experience points after each victory. Thanks to that, you will have the opportunity to unlock new levels, meet new enemies, and many unique and attractive rewards.


Participate in online campaigns and events

Currently, Angry Birds Evolution 2022 Mod has two basic campaigns, which are a single-player campaign and a PvP campaign. The first campaign includes a level system from easy to difficult. You will meet enemies with increasingly better strength, requiring upgrades in both skill and experience. Meanwhile, the real-time campaign is the battlefield for multiplayer. You will compete against real opponents to compete and compete on the online leaderboards. Each campaign has its own attractions, but all require tactics.

Besides, the game also has many unique events for you to interact with other players in the world. For instance, the weekly event offers fun quests that take you into weekly battles and bounty hunts. Besides, at the hatching event, you can collect different breeds of birds. When the eggs hatch, you will unlock new warriors to bring into the battle. You can also build clans with many other players. Strive for your clan and compete with other clans.


3D graphics with fun cartoon design

The game brings back familiar characters in a new look, including Red, Bomb, Chuck, Matilda, Terrence, and more. They are designed in 3D shape, both cute and cool like a real warrior. The game also offers many unique skins to decorate the characters. The battlefield scene is also quite diverse and always bright. Through certain levels, you can unlock many new battlefields, such as chessboard, snowy land, desert, and more.


So, Angry Birds Evolution 2022 Mod is an attractive game. It will challenge you in fun and dramatic billiard wars. Show off your billiards skills to destroy enemies and rank up on the leaderboard. Moreover, unlock super cool birds and set up the perfect formation. Don’t miss the battles with other players and exciting events.

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