Combat Quest Mod APK 0.35.4 (Menu, God Mode, High Damage, Unlimited Diamonds, Gold)
Combat Quest Mod APK 0.35.4 (Menu, God Mode, High Damage, Unlimited Diamonds, Gold)

Combat Quest Mod APK 0.35.4 (Menu, God Mode, High Damage, Unlimited Diamonds, Gold)

By HN - March 19, 2023 (1 week ago)
Name LMHMOD Combat Quest - Archero Action
Requires Android 7.1
Publisher ChillBase
MOD Features Menu, God Mode, High Damage, Unlimited Diamonds, Gold
Size 150MB
Version 0.35.4
Category Role Playing
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update March 19, 2023 (1 week ago )

Fight against enemies in the Combat Quest Mod game. Based on a story that takes place in the kingdom. Tasked with rescuing the princess from evil forces. Play as an archer to embark on a challenging journey. Will have to overcome the onslaught of enemies in the dungeon. Or various environments to get close to the public’s location. Successful rescue to complete the assigned mission. The gameplay is quite simple. With challenges that are opened in stages in many locations. Gives you the opportunity to discover, as well as enjoy, exciting matches. Along with that is a diverse reward system. Especially a lot of skills are learned after each level up. From there can fight hundreds of monsters and dangerous bosses.

Download Combat Quest Mod – Become an Archer to Rescue the Princess

The story of Combat Quest Mod unfolds in an ancient fantasy world. A dark force called Bowmasters has attacked the kingdom. They are plotting domination. To achieve that directed monsters from the magical world to kidnap the princess. Because she was the heir to the kingdom’s throne, the one holding the ultimate power. Now, the kingdom is standing on the edge of doom. That destiny will be entrusted to a hero. With the mission to enter the area ruled by the enemy. Aim to rescue the princess to bring her back to the kingdom. On that journey will have to cross many lands. At the same time against a lot of dangerous enemies. Join the game, you will play the role of an archer hero. Start the battle mission to rescue the princess.Download Combat Quest Mod

With each stage, the difficulty increases

Combat Quest Mod’s battle is divided into several locations. Each region will recreate the matches in stages. Play as an archer to enter the battle. Your aim attack is to defeat the monsters. Also, kill the boss in certain stages. After completing the task continue to the new stage. The difficulty will increase with more difficult challenges than before. Not only the number of monsters will be more. And their fighting ability is also superior. Appears many new types of monsters, with their own attack style. This will make it very difficult for you to finish the game. Complete each stage in turn to pass an area. After that, the system will unlock, and move to a new location. With more battle stages and more challenging challenges.Game Combat Quest Mod

Open gameplay, collect coins

Build the gameplay of Combat Quest Mod in an open style. Archer hero with the ability to attack from long distances. In the process can move freely on the battlefield. Attack according to your own strategy. Use upgraded passive skills to deal damage to enemies. From there will quickly destroy them to end the battle. At the same time, each type of monster after being defeated can drop items. It is a bonus that you accumulate and use in trading activities. To collect a large number of bonuses will need to defeat many monsters. This means that combat skills must be very flexible. Observe the enemy’s position in the arena. Quick reflexes to dodge attacks. Accurate archery combo to deal damage and kill.Tai Combat Quest Mod

Learn and upgrade skills

The archer hero in Combat Quest Mod can use many passive skills. Pass each battle in turn, accumulating experience points to increase to new levels. Through it will be able to learn many different skills. For example, increase the amount of health to improve survivability. Increases bow’s attack range with longer range. Increases damage dealt after each hit on an enemy. Percentage of exploding with large amounts of damage. There are many other skills you can learn after leveling up. As the level progresses, upgrade to the maximum of those skills. Will help you increase your fighting ability to easily destroy monsters. Combined with flexible control skills that improve over time. From there, it is possible to complete the task of rescuing the princess from the forces of darkness.Combat Quest Mod

Many different types of enemies will face in the battles of Combat Quest Mod. Those are monsters with many unique attack styles. For example attack from a distance or rush to fight at close range. Moreover, in the battle with the boss will face many difficult challenges. The battle was extremely fierce and fierce. Because the boss possesses a power that surpasses ordinary monsters. Can cause you to lose a lot of health if you can’t avoid the boss’s attack. At the same time possessing a huge amount of blood, so the time will last longer.

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