Draw Action APK 1.4.5
Draw Action APK 1.4.5

Draw Action APK 1.4.5

By TT - January 16, 2023
Name Draw Action
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher KAYAC Inc.
Size 52MB
Version 1.4.5
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update January 16, 2023 (2 weeks ago )

Draw Action Mod is a funny, simple, and exciting action game. This game gives you a series of levels where you play as a great robot warrior. Your task is to control the robot to attack the opponent and finish him off. But instead of using a series of skills through the virtual button, you just need to draw on the screen. Each stroke is a move that you create. The more subtle and wise the line is, the stronger the attack will be. So can you conquer every war with your drawing line? Use wisdom to win them all.

Download Draw Action Mod – Draw and conquer all wars

Action games always emphasize skill and control. But Draw Action focuses on the player’s drawing talent. Instead of having to learn dozens of skill virtual buttons, now you just need to swipe your hand across the screen to draw. But how to draw is up to your strategy. Will you draw straight, curved or squiggly lines? Which way would be more efficient? Let’s analyze the battle situation to find the right way to attack. Many robot warriors are waiting for you.


Show off your drawing talent

The game offers a series of levels, each level is a battle. This fight takes place in a random battlefield setting. And there, you control the blue robot with the goal of defeating the enemy (robots of different colors). There are many ways to win, such as pushing enemies into holes, into the sea, into trains or cars, etc. But the only way to act is to draw. You just swipe your finger in different directions to draw black lines.

Each stroke creates an attack. The shorter the line, the simpler the move, and vice versa. But the short line, the faster the attack time, the long line, the longer the attack time. Besides, the lines can be straight, curved, zig-zag, or any other shape. After a while, you will gradually get used to every line in the game. But be creative endlessly to conquer the war in your own way.


The challenge is getting harder and harder

The battles will be more and more difficult because the opponent is more and more powerful and flexible. In the early levels, the enemy just stood still or launched a few simple moves. But later on, they can use weapons such as knives or long swords. Enemies also move faster, cast more attacks, and know how to dodge attacks. Then you need to play even better if you want to master every fight. Not only do you need to know how to draw an attack line, but you also need to know how to defend. The way to draw the defensive line is different from the way to draw the attack.


Learn new skills

As the enemy becomes stronger and more flexible, you also gain new skills. Draw Action Mod brings many great skills and tutorials included. You just need to draw according to the instructions to help the robot deploy new moves. These moves often deal better damage or are more annoying to the opponent. However, you don’t need to apply these new skills if the war situation doesn’t allow it.

After a while, you’ll learn a bunch of skills. During the fight, you have the right to combine them together to create attack combos as you like. Of course, combos are often more effective than single moves. But you need a good memory to remember how to draw the learned moves. Furthermore, keep improving your drawing to create new moves of your own.

Diverse contexts

The battlefield context will change after a certain number of levels. It could be on the street, on an island, on a frozen land, or at a train station. Each set has its own characteristics and somewhat affects the battle. Obstacles on the battlefield sometimes mean something. For example, if there are tracks, there will be trains passing by. If there is a street, there will be cars passing by. You can time the vehicle to pass by to put enemies in danger.


Simple and intuitive design

This game impresses you with how the design could not be simpler. The battlefield scene is a 3D space with monochrome colors and not too many details. Meanwhile, the robot warriors also have a simple appearance with two distinct colors (blue and red). However, this simplicity helps you focus more on the rest, which is the fight. The combat movements are quite smooth, creating an attractive action feeling.

All in all, Draw Action Mod is a simple but fun action game. This is the place for you to show off your strategic drawing skills to conquer the war. Be creative constantly and create many new tricks. The battles here will help you relax, relieve and develop your mind. Now is the time to step into the battlefield and show your talent.

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