Dungeon Knight Mod APK 2.4.2 (Unlimited Money)
Dungeon Knight Mod APK 2.4.2 (Unlimited Money)

Dungeon Knight Mod APK 2.4.2 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - January 25, 2023
Name Dungeon Knight
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher mobirix
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 139MB
Version 2.4.2
Category Simulation
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update January 25, 2023 (1 week ago )

Explore dungeons in the Dungeon Knight Mod simulation game. This is a fighting game that takes place in an open environment. The content revolves around the knights against the monsters. Set in various locations, taking place in dungeons. The game belongs to the genre of idle games. With interesting support features provided. Even if you are inactive, you can still collect gold. Moreover, the control system is designed with an intuitive interface. Helps you control your character effectively during combat. At the same time recreate a realistic dungeon environment. The publisher has built impressive graphics. The combination of the sound system is changed flexibly. Mixed with high-quality skill effects, beautifully rendered.

Download Dungeon Knight Mod – Dungeon Knight’s Battle

The story of Dungeon Knight Mod revolves around the knight. As a brave hero, stand up to fight the monsters. Stop their attacks to protect the world. But relying on it alone, the knight was unable to resist a large number of enemies. After a while of fighting was lying down. For unknown reasons, after the knight woke up, he found himself back in the past. With a timeline of 3 years before the end of the world. This is a new opportunity to be able to re-establish peace. Defend the world from the onslaught of monsters. Join the game, you will play the role of a knight. Step into the dungeon to start the adventure. The goal is to defeat all the monsters before they start a war of invasion.Dungeon Knight Mod

Gameplay, facing monsters and bosses

Dungeon Knight Mod’s dungeon battle takes place in open gameplay. As a knight, you can move freely to fight. Aim looking for monsters to attack. Destroy all, clear the dungeon to complete the mission. During the battle, you will face many different monsters. The green demons are equipped with weapons such as swords, shields, and maces,… As soon as they move into the active area, they will rush to attack. Not stopping there, sometimes even facing bosses. It possessed greater power than ordinary monsters. From the huge amount of health, the durable defense ability, to the outstanding attack power. Without skills, you will quickly be defeated by the boss. Makes the task very difficult to complete.Download Dungeon Knight Mod

Collect gold coins, control skills

During the battle that takes place in the dungeons of Dungeon Knight Mod. After defeating the monsters, they will drop gold coins. Through this, it is possible to collect a large number of gold coins to develop strength. In particular, experience the battle with the boss. When defeating the boss, not only collect gold coins but also have the opportunity to receive valuable loot. To be able to accumulate gold coins, as well as survive in dangerous dungeons. Requires your combat skills to be really flexible. Use active attack skills to deal damage to enemies. Constantly upgrade passive skills to increase strength. At the same time, improve control skills, and control characters effectively. Gain experience to improve combat ability.Dungeon Knight Mod

Lots of knights, skills

Coming to Dungeon Knight Mod you can role-play into many different characters. Typical are the red dragon knight, demon knight, golden dragon knight, demon general, Necromancer Lord,… Each knight has an impressive appearance style. Possess unique fighting skills. The common ground between them is shown through 7 passive skills. Includes attack ability, critical hit, and critical chance. Supercritical hit, earth smash, red blade, and sword storm. Each skill is upgradeable. By using gold coins collected during the war. After maxing out the passive skills, the knights will unleash their power with greater frequency. Besides, in the battle can use 3 active skills. However, it is necessary to reach the required level to be able to unlock it.Dungeon Knight Mod

After impersonating a favorite knight in Dungeon Knight Mod. You can unlock new equipment to increase your fighting ability. The game is provided with a diverse weapon system. Typical such as venom blade, great evil sword, hell sword, god warrior spear, demon-hunting sword, … and many more. Each weapon possesses different power parameters. When equipped will help the knight increase combat power. At the same time, weapons can be upgraded by using gold coins. However, after each successful upgrade to a new level. The success rate in the next upgrade will be reduced, and the amount of gold needed will also increase.

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