Emoji Puzzle! Mod APK 3.92 (No ADS)
Emoji Puzzle! Mod APK 3.92 (No ADS)

Emoji Puzzle! Mod APK 3.92 (No ADS)

By TT - January 28, 2023
Name Emoji Puzzle!
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
MOD Features No ADS
Size 61MB
Version 3.92
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Update January 28, 2023 (6 days ago )

Do you want to discover the secret of emojis? Emoji Puzzle! Mod is the place to do it. This game offers hundreds of fun puzzles around emojis of all topics. It can be a smiley emoji, cloud emoji, animal emoji, makeup emoji, sports emoji, etc. Each emoji has its own meaning and is related to other emojis. And your job is to find that relationship to match the emojis together. Just tap and swipe on the screen to solve the puzzle. But do not think that you will easily conquer this game. A series of super difficult puzzles are waiting for you to show your wisdom!

Download Emoji Puzzle! Mod – Puzzle with funny emojis

Emoji are common icons used on social networks and messengers. They are used to express feelings or imply something. But have you ever thought about the real meaning of emojis? Emoji Puzzle! is the place to explore this. Each emoji in the game has its own meaning and relationship with other emojis. You will find that meaning yourself to become an emoji expert. Simple, fun gameplay with vibrant background music is what makes you excited about this game.


Find the link between emojis

The game offers hundreds of emoji-related puzzles. In each puzzle, your job is to match the matching emojis to score points. Just like that, you will have the opportunity to unlock and conquer a series of puzzles. Of course, no puzzle is the same and the meanings of emojis are increasingly diverse when placed in a variety of situations. Can you guess what they all mean? Puzzles like this can help you train your thinking.

To better understand the gameplay, you can see some of the following examples:

  • Match the baby tree emoji with the girl, shoes, or any makeup.
  • Match a horse emoji with a cow, tiger, bear, and many more animal emojis.
  • Match carrot emoji with watermelon, pear, and other fruit and vegetable emojis.
  • Match emoji carrots with rabbits, mice with cats, nuts with squirrels, etc. to indicate food relationships.
  • Match the rain cloud emoji with an umbrella, a jacket, or a jackhammer with the sun emoji, etc. to imply a solution to adapting to nature.
  • And many other emoji combinations.

As can be seen, there are many different types of emoji combinations and each is understood in its own way. Show you’re a deductive expert by completing every puzzle.


The challenge is getting harder

Emoji Puzzle! Mod will not disappoint with its increased puzzle difficulty. The higher the level, the more diverse and confusing the emoji’s meanings are. For example, you can combine a white horse and piano keys to form a zebra. It’s a surprise, isn’t it? Sometimes, emojis are not understood according to normal logic. You need to use your imagination and creativity to find some secret connection between emojis.

But it is the increase in difficulty that makes this game always attractive and new. You never know what the next puzzle will be until you play it. Moreover, the number of emojis is increasing day by day. Emojis are constantly refreshed and taken from many sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Although these are familiar emojis to many people, solving them is not easy.


Super easy way to play

Puzzles are not easy, but how to play Emoji Puzzle! is simple. On each game screen, gamers just need to touch the emoji and swipe to pair them together. However, only emojis that are close to each other will be paired. The position of emojis on the puzzle board also affects how you solve the puzzle. Moreover, the images of emojis appear vivid and very sharp. Thanks to that, recognizing emojis is not a problem.

Discover hints

If a puzzle is difficult for you, you can use Hints. But Hint is not free and needs to be paid with stars. Stars will be accumulated through your levels. In other words, you need to use your ability to solve as many puzzles as possible. Then, in the most deadlocked situation, the accumulated stars will help you overcome difficulties. You can also choose to watch ads if you want more suggestions.


Simple, intuitive design

The design of the game is nothing special. But everything is depicted vividly, visually on the screen. The emojis are all similar in size, making for beautiful puzzles. Moreover, the swipe to pair emoji is also very smooth, providing a comfortable puzzle feeling. Exciting music also contributes to inspiring gamers.

All in all, Emoji Puzzle! Mod is an interesting and fun puzzle game. Don’t miss this game if you like to discover the meaning of emojis. Each emoji in the game has some interesting meaning, be it literal or figurative. Use your intellect, imagination, and logical reasoning to discover all their meanings.

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