Empire Warriors Premium Mod APK 2.5.12 (Free Shopping)
Empire Warriors Premium Mod APK 2.5.12 (Free Shopping)

Empire Warriors Premium Mod APK 2.5.12 (Free Shopping)

By TT - March 24, 2023 (5 days ago)
Name LMHMOD Empire Warriors Premium
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher ZITGA
MOD Features Free Shopping
Size 91MB
Version 2.5.12
Category Strategy
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update March 24, 2023 (5 days ago )

Empire Warriors Premium Mod is a strategy game built on a combination of defense and role-playing styles. It recreates the epic war in the kingdom of Endia with the participation of many races such as humans, elves, orcs, dwarves, and more. There, you have a mission to be the strategist of the kingdom of Endia and help Prince Jave against the Grando forces. The enemy, backed by the legion of Orcs and the forces of darkness, becomes stronger and more ferocious than ever. Therefore, you need to have a wise action strategy. Learn about each type of tower and heroes to arrange them on the battlefield in a reasonable way. You will create epic battles on the 2D map and decide your victory or defeat. A series of enemies keep coming and getting more and more intense with each level. Show the might of legions from your kingdom.

Download Empire Warriors Premium Mod – Classic defense strategy gameplay

Are you brave enough to embark on this chaotic war in Empire Warriors Premium? It is a boldly classic gamer and is combined with typical role-playing elements. An all-encompassing strategic experience, clearly presented, promises you won’t be able to ignore. In the game, your task is to lead your legion to defend against the enemy.

With wise strategies, you can repel waves of attacks and extend your journey to infinity. Each fight takes place on a variety of unique terrains from swamps, icy mountains, dungeons, underground and more. Conquer every battlefield as a strategist. It doesn’t take much, but you really have control of the game at your fingertips. Stunning 2D graphics will make each of those matches capture your eyes and mind.


Show your strategy on the battlefield

To win every defensive battle, you need to be ready with your legion. It’s the classic tower type and the mighty army of heroes with powerful skills. However, they cannot go to battle on their own and need a strategist like you to control them. Choose, arrange and arrange on the battlefield to protect the stronghold of the kingdom of Endia from the constant attacks of the orc army and the forces of darkness. But first, you need to have a clear understanding of your resources. Several types of powerful towers will have their own advantages, including:

Lightning Tower: A base for training and creating Endia’s slender knights to block the direction of attacks.

Archer Tower: A tower type that deals physical damage from archers and has the ability to support adjacent towers.

Magic Tower: A tower type that deals magic damage from the kingdom’s ultimate wizards. These witches have the ability to summon magical dragons on the battlefield.

Golem Tower: A special type of tower that can summon giant gods from rocks. They can deal massive damage over a wide range.

Thus, your job is to consider arranging these types of towers in different locations. Usually, the aforementioned classic towers will be suitable to support heroes, and at the same time play a key role in defense in key places. However, depending on the battlefield situation, you should have specific strategies to maximize the effectiveness of the towers.


Discover unique heroes

Empire Warriors Premium Mod gives you a hero system that is not too rich but enough to create solid defenses. First, we have to mention the hero Jave, the prince of the land of Endia. He is the leader of the stronghold corps with high HP and the ability to attack melee with knives. Next, Zelos, a hero with magical abilities, Leon with the ability to summon beasts, and Elowyn possesses speed and destructive tornado attacks.

Each hero possesses up to 4 skills to use in battle. Moreover, they have basic stats with different values, like HP, damage, defense, speed, and more. Of course, you can upgrade them to improve these stats, in order to gain better power. During the battle, you can control the hero and the towers by touching to select the target. Therefore, you seem to be able to play the role of heroes.


Stunning 2D graphics

The battles in the game appear very prominent on the 2D graphics platform. Everything happens in a vibrant atmosphere and with eye-catching effects. The images of towers, heroes, armies … all have fun cartoon beauty. But each object impresses in its own way and can be upgraded to transform its appearance. The effects of each move and attack are very vivid. The music is equally loud.


All in all, Empire Warriors Premium Mod is really a comprehensive strategy game. It’s not just passive battles, where you just sit and watch the towers and heroes fight automatically. You can control the battlefield by selecting targets, redeploying tower units, and upgrading towers and heroes even more. It is truly addictive with its active strategic gameplay and beautiful graphics.

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