Faily Tumbler Mod APK 5.9 (Unlimited Coins)
Faily Tumbler Mod APK 5.9 (Unlimited Coins)

Faily Tumbler Mod APK 5.9 (Unlimited Coins)

By HN - March 28, 2023 (22 hours ago)
Name LMHMOD Faily Tumbler
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Spunge Games Pty Ltd
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Size 75MB
Version 5.9
Category Action
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update March 28, 2023 (22 hours ago )

Faily Tumbler Mod belongs to the action game genre that combines terrain gameplay. Role-play as a prehistoric man to join the adventure. From there, perform missions according to the game’s plot. Here is the journey to find the eggs of prehistoric dinosaurs. In one take away the giant egg on the top of a mountain. Unfortunately, that triggered the flow of lava inside. Then caused the volcano to erupt and create a terrifying earthquake. At that moment you are thrown off the mountain and down the slope. Take advantage of that opportunity to start your journey to escape, in order to escape the lava flowing behind. Accordingly, you will have to avoid obstacles to safely throw people forward.

Download Faily Tumbler Mod – Tumbling To Run From The Lava Behind

This is a game designed in the style of a ragdoll, combined with realistic physics. Follow the story of the game to complete endless quests. Right at the beginning of the journey, the system will guide you in detail about the playing mechanism. Through the control, the interface is simulated in an intuitive way. Displays two virtual mechanisms on the screen for interaction. Touch and hold left or right to navigate the character, to avoid obstacles. Or in some situations, it is possible to use both virtual mechanisms at the same time to curl yourself and roll forward. Accordingly, the control mechanism is designed in a simple and optimal way. Not only makes it easy for players to use but also brings focus during the journey.Faily Tumbler Mod


After being thrown down the mountainside with a steep slope. You will start your journey with your own acrobatics to keep moving forward. Aim to run away from the molten lava that erupts from behind. To keep yourself safe with the longest distance possible. Accordingly, you will have to avoid many dangerous obstacles and traps. Examples are lava under large rocks, cliffs, and man-eating fish in rivers and whirlpools. What’s more are the sharp, rocky thorns beneath the canyon’s river. There are many other obstacles that will appear after acrobatics with a longer distance. They will cause you to lose your life if collided. Or prevent it from being able to move forward, thereby being burned by the lava flow.Tai Faily Tumbler Mod

Incremental challenge

Based on the distance running from the lava flow in Faily Tumbler Mod. As the time of adventure, as well as the distance traveled more and more. From there the difficulty will increase with many different challenges waiting ahead. Not just ordinary rocks blocking the path. But also have to overcome the fast flowing water or tumble over the rocks on the lava. Along with that is the density of the appearance of more obstacles than before. As well as the changing terrain and harsher environmental conditions. This makes it difficult for you to continue your journey. Because it is easy to lose your life if you are not focused or not careful.Download Faily Tumbler Mod

Collect dinosaur eggs and gold coins

Adventure process through the mountainside to escape death. In addition to dodging obstacles and dangerous traps. Don’t forget to collect the dinosaur eggs and gold coins. These are two kinds of precious resources that you can use for many different activities. Gold coins can unlock new costumes for characters or unlock gliders to move faster. Besides, dinosaur eggs will bring you to the lucky wheel. Through it will have the opportunity to receive a large amount of gold coins or unique costumes. However, you need to collect 3 eggs to participate.

A variety of costumes

There are many different outfits for you to customize your character’s appearance. Start playing with a prehistoric man’s costume. Later there will be the opportunity to unlock cowboy, ninja and even dinosaur costumes. There are many other unique costumes that you will discover when participating. Each is designed in its own distinctive style. When used can change the appearance of the character. As well as giving the impression to increase the enjoyment during the adventure.Game Faily Tumbler Mod

At Faily Tumbler Mod there are many types of gliders to use. This is a limited time support tool. When used, it will help you fly flexibly on obstacles. But that’s not entirely safe from all dangers. Because it is necessary to navigate to avoid the terrain. Do not collide with the surrounding large rocks. Besides, it is also possible to activate the protective shield in some situations. That will help you protect yourself by destroying an obstacle ahead.

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