Gerand – Bent Barrels Mod APK 1.65 (Unlimited Money)
Gerand – Bent Barrels Mod APK 1.65 (Unlimited Money)

Gerand – Bent Barrels Mod APK 1.65 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - January 26, 2023
Name Gerand – Bent Barrels
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher AIR Game
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 86MB
Version 1.65
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update January 26, 2023 (1 week ago )

Build online shooter action-style gameplay. The game Gerand – Bent Barrels Mod promises to open exciting matches. The content revolves around the battle between the tank machines. More unique when they are designed in a cartoon style. The impression left right after joining is the design, showing more eyes. Incorporating a left-to-horizontal view, helps you see things more interestingly. The game opens up many unique battlefield locations. When participating will have the opportunity to explore, and fight with the enemy there. Experience many dramatic battles with fierce competition. Will learn about many different types of tanks. Their strength is shown through the parameters. Along with that is a simple control interface, and vivid 3D graphics.

Download Gerand – Bent Barrels Mod – Control Tank Battles in Multiple Locations

Based on the online mode of the game Gerand – Bent Barrels Mod. Requires an internet connection to join. The server system will be randomly arranged. From there will enter the match taking place in real-time. Each battle is built in a 1vs1 style. For a period of 60 seconds, you will control your tank. Compete against your opponent’s tanks to find the winner. By attacking each other with the firepower of the fighting machine. After the time ends, if you can’t defeat the opponent and vice versa. The system will be based on achievements between the two factions. The side with the higher score wins in the end. From there will receive the corresponding amount of coins. In addition, as far as the publisher provides more. In the near future, the game will be updated with 2vs2 mode features.Gerand – Bent Barrels Mod

Career mode, multiple locations

In addition to the online mode used in Gerand – Bent Barrels Mod. You can also join the game in career mode. Open up many different battle locations. Includes arena, winter forest, ruined city, mountain range, and afternoon raid. There are also some new locations that will be unlocked in the upcoming versions. Each location will take place matches according to each level of play. Your task is to control the tank moving on complex terrain. Fight against a large number of enemies to advance to the final battle. After passing a level will enter the next challenge. The difficulty then increases with more difficulty than before. Not only the number of enemy tanks is greater. And their attack and defense power has also improved. Have the opportunity to explore new environments and terrain.Game Gerand – Bent Barrels Mod

The progress, the boss battle

During the battle of each level of Gerand – Bent Barrels Mod. Will have to control the tank to move forward. Through a challenging journey across treacherous terrain. Fight the large number of enemy tanks that appear on the road. They will open fire to stop you from moving forward. There is no other choice but to fight. Take turns destroying enemy tanks to advance to the final battle. Here will have to fight the giant boss. Possesses power parameters that are superior to ordinary tanks. From the amount of health, attack power, and defense ability. After shooting down the boss will win to complete the mission. Pass each level in turn in one location. Then there will be the opportunity to unlock to continue entering the matches in the new location.Tai Gerand – Bent Barrels Mod

Various types of tanks

The tank system of the game Gerand – Bent Barrels Mod is very diverse. There are different types for you to control. Each car is designed with an impressive design. As introduced at the beginning. The tank is designed to add eyes, creating more vividness. The strength of each fighting machine is shown through the parameters. Includes armor with resistance, and a gun to deal damage. Finally, the engine moves through the hilly terrain. At the same time, depending on the type of tank will have its own unique attack ability. Through special upgrades to be able to increase combat power. Or if you want to change the style to become more prominent on the battlefield. Money can be used to unlock unique colorful outfits. Set your tank apart from the competition.Download Gerand – Bent Barrels Mod

Through the wars in Gerand – Bent Barrels Mod. Destroying enemy tanks will help you get a large number of gold coins. After accumulating enough can be used to unlock new locations. Or use gold coins to upgrade the special power of the tank. Besides, unlock chests and get daily login rewards. There will be a chance to get valuable diamonds. Over a period of accumulation own a large number of diamonds. You can unlock a new tank to change the fighting style.

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