Hago APK 5.9.2
Hago APK 5.9.2

Hago APK 5.9.2

By TT - January 16, 2023
Name Hago
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher HAGO
Size 256MB
Version 5.9.2
Category Social
Get It On APK Google Play
Price FREE
Update January 16, 2023 (2 weeks ago )

If you are looking for a place to entertain and chat with friends online, come to Hago Mod. It is an entertainment application that connects hundreds of millions of users globally. Here, you can create groups or create rooms to chat, live stream, watch movies, play games and do whatever you want. The most popular activities in this application are chatting and playing games. Everyone can discuss games together, form groups to play with, give gifts, do quests, and more. There are more than 200 games available here, and each game has a large gaming community. Have fun with friends anytime, anywhere!

Download Hago Mod – An online space that connects real players

Connecting many players makes the game experience more interesting. That’s why online modes are always the place to attract the most traffic. But for games that don’t have this mode, you’ve got Hago. You can team up with your friends or join a random group here, then play games and chat with them. No need to connect to the same game, you can still play with friends, what’s better? But this app isn’t just that.


Play games with other people

There are more than 200 games available in this app. In it, there are games that allow connecting friends to participate in the match together. To meet in the game, you need to create a group or room, then invite your friends to the group. During the game, you can chat and interact with people. Even people can share gifts with each other, together on quests to hunt for rewards and skins.

Some of the popular games here include Truth or Dare, Coin Master, GTA, PUBG, MLBB, Free Fire, AOV, ROV, Card, Billionaire Chess, and more. For games that do not have a team mode, you can also team up with friends. After that, everyone just played privately and chatted. Members can share game secrets to conquer the game together. This also helps all gamers with the same passion to come together.


Create characters and virtual social contexts

After Metaverse was introduced, a new mode was added to Hago Mod. It’s Hago Space, where you can create the virtual life of your dreams. First of all, you need to create your own avatar character. The game has items such as pants, shirts, and accessories for you to freely create character styles. Each player has a style, creating interesting variety in the 3D virtual world.

Besides, the game also has virtual spaces to choose as the context. For example, you can choose the beach, cafe, street, park, etc. Don’t forget to take your character there to explore, take pictures and socialize with many other users. Learn how to design their fashion to constantly refresh your character. Each character’s skin has a collectible value like an NFT.


Chat and interact with friends

In online video rooms, conversations are always at their best. There, you will meet beautiful boys and girls and can interact with them. For example, idols will sing, dance, perform skills, chat and interact with fans, etc. People also often give gifts to idols and celebrities to show their admiration for them. In particular, anyone can become an idol in their own way.

As long as you have talent and distinction, you have every right to be someone on Hago. You will have a certain group of fans to interact, share, and interact with every day. Not only is it more fun, but you also have a chance to make a profit. Gift-giving brings cash value to the recipient. To give gifts, you need to load real money into the app.

Find friends in the area

To connect with more people, you should use the search feature. This feature helps detect other users near you, thereby helping you make friends and even find your other half. Features in the app will help you connect with that person. For instance, you can chat, create video chat rooms, use fun filters during your Livestream, and more.


Join online parties

There are always organized parties available in this app. You just need to enter the corresponding room to join the party with the people there. Everyone can chat together, tell stories, watch movies, sing, dance, play games, etc. Parties are different depending on the organizers and participants.

Overall, Hago Mod is a great entertainment space, isn’t it? Instead of playing the game alone, you will now have a whole group of friends to play with. You can also chat with them, give gifts to each other, Livestream together, etc. If you have talent, you will even become an idol and have a certain number of fans on this app.

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