Hero Age Mod APK 4.0.5 (Menu, Unlocked, Auto Kill, Immortal, One Hit, Speed, Exp)
Hero Age Mod APK 4.0.5 (Menu, Unlocked, Auto Kill, Immortal, One Hit, Speed, Exp)

Hero Age Mod APK 4.0.5 (Menu, Unlocked, Auto Kill, Immortal, One Hit, Speed, Exp)

By TT - January 22, 2023
Name Hero Age
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Gnik Box
MOD Features Menu, Unlocked, Auto Kill, Immortal, One Hit, Speed, Exp
Size 59MB
Version 4.0.5
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Update January 22, 2023 (1 week ago )

If you are a fan of idle RPG games, you should not ignore Hero Age Mod. This is a role-playing game with a familiar “click” mechanism and works even when offline. Join the game, you will play as one of 6 different heroes. Your mission is to fight against the enemy to protect your continent. Each hero gives you a different immersive feeling with eye-catching skill effects. Moreover, you can explore their skill tree, make your own equipment and upgrade as you like. An endless battle journey is waiting for you to explore here. Be prepared to hunt for rewards and record achievements.

Download Hero Age Mod – Roleplay and fight with idle mechanics

Hero Age is the right choice for those who like a simple and neat action style. This game does not have a long storyline like many other RPG games. It is simply the hero’s battle journey against the dark enemy through different levels. Of course, you will play the hero and have to try to score achievements to hunt for trophies and bonuses. To do that, you just need to click on the screen. Simple gameplay mechanics and an easy-to-understand storyline are the highlights of this game. It helps you approach the game easily from the first time you play.


Discover fascinating quests

The mission system of the game is very diverse. It can be hunting quests, killing bosses, exploring dungeons, and searching for various items. Thereby, you will have the opportunity to explore many unique dungeon locations. In each dungeon, there will be a separate enemy system from the weak to the boss with great HP. The wars just kept getting more and more complicated and unpredictable. In addition, the game also has events and minigames for you to participate in and receive gifts. Thanks to that, your hero will be trained to become a legend.


Diverse hero system

Currently, this game has 6 hero classes, including knight, mage, archer, swordsman, wizard, and lord. Of course, each hero will possess different strengths and characteristics. You should find out information about them before choosing someone to enter the battlefield. Here are some basic facts to help you make your decision:

  • Knight – a melee hero whose main weapon is a large sword.
  • Archer – a hero with accurate archery.
  • Swordsman – a hero can do melee attacks with swords and use magic.
  • Mage – a hero who uses a magic stick with the ability to deal wide-area damage.
  • Wizard – outstanding skills are using poisons and buffs.
  • Lord – a hero with a large appearance and the ability to control pets.

So what is your favorite action style in Hero Age Mod? This game allows you to alternately play different characters. Therefore, if you like a variety of fighting styles, unlock the respective heroes and try to play them on the battlefield. To control the hero, you just need to master the “click” operation. Specifically, you can click the virtual skill buttons on the screen for the hero to deploy attacks on the enemy. The battle only ends when you complete the mission or lose all HP. Besides HP, the Mana stat is equally important.


Collection of weapons and equipment

Each hero in this game has a unique skill tree. Therefore, to upgrade them, you also need a different equipment strategy. Each hero has up to 8 equipment slots, including weapons, rings, armor, pets, shields, chains, and wings. You need to collect enough items if you want to craft any equipment. Besides, choose the appropriate equipment for the hero class.

For example, swordsmen will need shields and swords, archers will need bows and arrows, magicians will need magic sticks… To upgrade equipment, you need to spend gold and gems. Each item allows upgrading to level 20 – the maximum power level. To earn gems, you need to complete assigned quests and participate in minigames and events. With the right and powerful equipment, your hero will conquer every battlefield.


Simple design, eye-catching effect

The game is designed simply with 2D graphics and is displayed intuitively on the horizontal screen of the phone. Although everything is quite primitive, it still makes a good impression with a fun cartoon style. The image of heroes and enemies varies by class, thereby possessing separate skill effects. The battlefield scene also changes dynamically from desert to barren dead land and more. The battles are also embellished with vibrant background music and effects.

Hero Age Mod is now available and free to download to your phone. If you love this game, prepare yourself to be a hero and join the endless battle. Don’t worry too much about how to play because you just need to click on the screen. Masses of enemies are waiting for you on the battlefield. Equip the best weapons and accessories to conquer every battle.

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