Mr Autofire Mod APK 2.4.2 (High Damage)
Mr Autofire Mod APK 2.4.2 (High Damage)

Mr Autofire Mod APK 2.4.2 (High Damage)

By HN - March 25, 2023 (4 days ago)
Name LMHMOD Mr Autofire
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Lightheart Entertainment
MOD Features High Damage
Size 177MB
Version 2.4.2
Category Action
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update March 25, 2023 (4 days ago )

Based on the plot of the monster invasion in the game Mr Autofire Mod. From there will open a story-based quest system to challenge your skills. Here the world is being invaded by monsters. They unleash an attack to gain human domination. You are the last hope to save the world. As a guard armed with a large gun. Will have to participate in fierce battles to destroy the enemy. Through the virtual control mechanism in the form of the joystick. This is a pretty familiar feature to use for navigation and scrolling. At the same time, you have to combine with the jump system displayed as an icon. From there, avoid enemy attacks and fire bullets to wipe them out.

Download Mr Autofire Mod – Fight Against Monsters To Protect The World

Explore the game’s beautiful environment through shooting wars. With the combination of 3D graphics to simulate the landscape in many different environments. Sharp and diverse image quality will increase the experience during gameplay. Create realistic characters, with flexible movements. Besides, there are monsters shaped in many unique shapes. Even more interesting when the attack effect is reproduced impressively. It can be seen through the firepower of the gun every time it is used. Besides the graphics, it is also impossible not to mention the sound system. Based on each action taking place, the sound will be changed to match the character’s scene.Mr. Autofire Mod

Quests by level

Go on a mission to protect the world through level battles. Based on the scene gameplay, combining shooting. Role-play as a character to start the journey against the monsters. Combines flexible control mechanism to move and dodge enemies. At the same time, the gun will automatically attack and limit the number of bullets. As well as prioritizing the closest targets. Shoot down each monster in turn until wiping them all out. Keep moving to reach the space vortex at the endpoint. From there will complete the task to continue the assigned mission.

The reward received in each battle is silver coins. But the amount earned will be based on the monsters you kill. They will drop randomly and need to be moved to pick up. Over time, the wars will gradually accumulate a large number of silver coins. From there, it can be used for unlocking and trading activities.Game Mr Autofire Mod

Explore multiple environments

Experience battles against monsters in Mr Autofire Mod. As each level takes place, when a certain stage is reached, a new environment will be unlocked. Start in the vast primeval forest. It is gradually possible to come to adventure in the desert environment, the frozen ice, the sea, the bakery, and the factory. In each environment is a location simulated different landscape. Expressed through weather conditions and surrounding context. Especially the terrain in each location will be designed as complex and dangerous.Download Mr Autofire Mod

Fight against many monsters and bosses

Every time come to the next level to go on a mission against scary monsters. There will be many changes to create more difficult challenges. In addition to the change in terrain is the appearance of enemies. Not only did they increase in numbers larger than before. There are also many types of monsters that possess superior abilities. The difference between them will be shown in the attack style, as well as the amount of health and size. Even when it comes to a certain stage, you still have to face a boss. This will make it difficult for you to fight. If you do not concentrate, you will even lose your life. That means the mission fails and has to start over, which will take longer.Tai Mr Autofire Mod

Win against monsters in Mr Autofire Mod. After completing the task at a certain level, the system will unlock new skills. There are many different skills for you to choose from. For example, increase movement speed, improve defense, upgrade the number of bullets that shoot straight, shoot vertically, and much more. However, each time you receive a skill, the system will randomly give you 3 different types. Depends on the situation, as well as your own abilities. At this point, it is necessary to choose the appropriate skill to be effective. Besides, when it comes to a certain time, there is also a chance to meet NPC characters. At this point, you can choose to restore the lost health or increase the maximum health.

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