Phú Hộ Công Lược APK 1.1.822
Phú Hộ Công Lược APK 1.1.822

Phú Hộ Công Lược APK 1.1.822

By TT - January 13, 2023
Name Phú Hộ Công Lược
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher TTHOAGames
Size 644MB
Version 1.1.822
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Update January 13, 2023 (3 weeks ago )

Welcome to Phu Ho Cong Luoc Mod, a business management simulation game with the theme of “through the air”. This game will turn you into an inn manager and a series of other feudal business models. Your task is to unlock inns, taverns, and cloth shops, … and make a profit from them. In each project, you need a team of servants and management guests. Moreover, you need to upgrade this team and the facilities of the works. Over time, you will become rich and become a rich man. Let’s explore more about this game now.

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If you’ve ever watched the movie, you can immediately understand the plot of Phu Ho Cong Luoc. At the beginning of the game, you, unfortunately, encounter a confusing spiritual event, then travel back to feudal times. In your new form, you also have a new life in an ancient town. Your replacement character from this period has a small inn. You need to develop it to make a profit and become a rich man. Only when you are rich will you get out of your previous arranged marriage.


Build your fortune

Basically, this game is similar to simulation games like My Hotpot Story. Your task is to build, upgrade and manage the shops here. At first, you only have a small inn and a small amount of money. But after a while of operation, this inn will bring profit and help you with money to unlock more. You can unlock pubs, taverns, cloth shops, and more. Every business needs a manager to serve diners.

Although there are many such tasks as you just need to “click” on the screen. This kind of “hanging up” gameplay lets you relax while managing dozens of antique shops. The game also constantly suggests quests and tutorials. You just need to click to complete tasks, thereby helping businesses earn money or unlock new characters. For even more leisure, you need to hire servants (like waiters) and guests (like investors and managers).


Manage servants and guests

Each character in Phu Ho Cong Luoc Mod has its own role. You need to reach a certain level and use enough coins to unlock them. For example, guests are often more expensive than servants because their roles are better. Each subject has 4 basic attributes including Enthusiasm, Professionalism, Talent, and Excellence. Each attribute also has a level, so it can be upgraded more. The higher the level, the more talented and profitable the customer is when managing the shops.

The system of customers is divided into shops. Their role is not only to manage but also to participate in negotiations with other merchants. If you want to buy back a certain shop or antique, you need to negotiate successfully with the owner. But you don’t need to do this yourself because there are other subjects to take care of. The higher the level of the client, the higher the success rate of negotiation. This also helps you get business locations in town at a reasonable cost.


Expand your estate even more

Over time, you will gain access to new areas and business locations. Thanks to that, from a merchant with only a small inn, you will own a fortune worth hundreds of thousands of gold taels. What was more amazing? The more businesses you hold in your hand, the greater the profit. Although you don’t need to do much, the money will come to your hand. Then you can compete with other players on the same server. There are many leaderboards for you to join and hunt for rewards that are rarely promoted.


Explore different areas

Not only limited to the business town, but the game map also includes many other areas. To explore these places, you can use the “roaming” feature. You can go to the Bamboo Forest, the Phu Tu Temple, etc. There, you will have the opportunity to meet many new characters from the Guest to the Precious Thing and even the Confidant. Each character has their own story worth exploring. Follow the dialogue on the screen to follow their story. By accumulating mini-stories, you will gradually understand the original plot of the game.

As can be seen, Phu Ho Cong Luoc Mod is a fun and relaxing game. Instead of having to worry about many things, you just need to follow the instructions to play. But you’ll find inspiration when you travel back to feudal times. There, each place and character has its own name and story. Show you’re a good business manager as soon as you hang up. By recruiting servants and guests, business management becomes idler than ever.

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