Pokémon Café ReMix Mod APK 3.80.0 (Unlimited Moves/Money)
Pokémon Café ReMix Mod APK 3.80.0 (Unlimited Moves/Money)

Pokémon Café ReMix Mod APK 3.80.0 (Unlimited Moves/Money)

By TT - January 25, 2023
Name Pokémon Café ReMix
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher The Pokemon Company
MOD Features Unlimited Moves/Money
Size 149MB
Version 3.80.0
Category Puzzle
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update January 25, 2023 (1 week ago )

Welcome to the Pokémon Café ReMix Mod, where you will become the new manager of the Pokemon cafe. Have you ever thought about this? Everything in this game revolves around fun pokemon. You will meet bartenders, customers, and friends who are all pokemon. This is a really super fun cartoon world. Especially, if you love puzzles, this game is even more fun. Just touch the screen to solve jigsaw puzzles, then you will create a drink and serve it to diners. It’s super simple but addictive, isn’t it?

Download Pokémon Café ReMix Mod – Manage a pokemon cafe

Pictures of super cute pokemon characters in Pokemon Go! are back in a new setting. Now they had temporarily put the fighting aside and gathered at the cafe. They want to become the most talented bartenders and make money from serving drinks to residents in the pokemon city. But they need your help and many other friends. So when you join the game, you will become the new boss of this cafe. Your job is to manage the pokemon staff, help them make drinks and cook, and serve diners.


Enjoy simple puzzle mechanics

The management gameplay of this game combines puzzle levels. But it’s not the traditional match-3 levels but even simpler jigsaw levels. The puzzle helps you complete the preparation of any dish or drink according to the needs of the diners. After that, you will receive money from customers to unlock new dishes and upgrade the cafe. Just like that, the more customers, the more puzzles you have to solve. But this job will not make you tired, but on the contrary, you will find joy in the puzzle levels.

The puzzle mechanics will be explained when you first join the game. Accordingly, you just need to touch the screen and match the same items to make them disappear. But you need to touch and swipe to pair without stopping. The more similar items you can match, the higher the score. However, before pairing, you need to pay attention to the requirements at each level. These requirements will help you figure out which items to match to complete the puzzle. If you get stuck, take advantage of the available boosters.


Manage your employee system

Your staff in Pokémon Café ReMix Mod are fun pokemon. They are designed based on the original from Pokemon GO!. However, they were remade with a new look and new skill set. Moreover, they will not join the war but will become waiters at the cafe. Accordingly, each pokemon will have its own tasks, such as cooking, mixing, serving, cleaning, and more. You can also unlock dozens of new pokemon to join the staff as customers outnumber.

Each pokemon has important stats like Specialty, Puzzle Score, Megaphones, Skill, and more. Based on these stats, you will know the strength of each pokemon. There are some characters who will be good at solving puzzles, while others will be good at cooking and mixing. Your job is to allocate employees to the appropriate positions to exploit their strengths. Besides, go to the store and buy unique skins for your pokemon. You can find hats, pants, tops, bows, and even different expressions.


Discover the story between pokemon

Do you believe pokemon can talk to each other? You will discover their stories through dialogue. Not only pokemon, but the game also has funny friends working at the cafe. They will suggest to you how to do the quests from the game. Besides, you can read their dialogue to better understand the story of this game. Friends and pokemon will make up your management story here. Don’t miss any interesting details to add to your story.


Super cute cartoon image

This game will help you immerse yourself in the fun world of pokemon. It brings the familiar pokemon images back with many funny expressions and dances. Besides, they look happier when cooking, making and serving in cafes. You can also refresh their look by customizing skins and more. In addition, the cafe scene is always filled with colorful colors. It also has cheerful background music, which helps you to enjoy the experience with great relaxation.

If you like Pokémon Café ReMix Mod, click the link to download this game to your phone. It is completely free and open to all players. It allows you to become the boss of the funny pokemon cafe. This is really great work if you love funny pokemon images. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to test your skills with super addictive puzzle levels.

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