Souzasim Project Mod APK 7.0 (Unlimited Money)
Souzasim Project Mod APK 7.0 (Unlimited Money)

Souzasim Project Mod APK 7.0 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - March 17, 2023 (2 weeks ago)
Name LMHMOD Souzasim Project
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Solo Dev
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 381MB
Version 7.0
Category Racing
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update March 17, 2023 (2 weeks ago )

Souzasim Project Mod is considered one of the popular games. Re-improved from an earlier version. With new features and content added. In order to increase the experience, help all players enjoy the exciting feeling when participating. Here, the content of the game revolves around the task of driving a motorbike. Move on fixed routes and avoid collisions. In addition to the previously introduced sections. There are many other unique features waiting to be discovered. The motorcycle system is diverse, with many different models inspired by reality. The publisher also provides 7 races for you to conquer. At the same time, going through the journey will accumulate rewards. They can be used to buy spare parts and upgrade parts of motorcycles.

Download Souzasim Project Mod – Driving a Motorcycle to Conquer Races

Before starting to participate in the races of the game Souzasim Project Mod. You can choose male or female characters to play the role. Then design the appearance in your own style. Through the selection of outfits to increase the prominence outside. As soon as that process is completed. You can start entering the first race to get used to the gameplay. Although quite simple, if you are a new player, you will need to learn many things. The control interface is well laid out, and quick to get used to. Items are displayed on the screen with many specific functions. At the same time, the process of driving a motorbike will be guided by the system. Through the observation to move according to the arrow. From there, you can move to the finish line to finish a race. Complete missions, and get attractive rewards.Download Souzasim Project Mod

7 race tracks, separate terrain

The races of Souzasim Project Mod are held on 7 different terrains. An includes a race track, two-track, two practice tracks,s, and two dirt tracks. Each track is designed with its own terrain. Create tough challenges to test your skills. For example, sharp turns, winding roads,… Although there is no appearance of objects or obstacles in the way. But the width of the track is quite limited. The two sides are separated by warning columns. If you want to achieve excellent results, you must not collide. Besides, the environment of each type of track does not affect the driving process. Complete each track, in turn, to continue participating in the new race. Gradually will experience all the racing terrain of the game.Game Souzasim Project Mod

Motorcycle driving skills

During the process of driving a motorbike moving on the terrain of the track at Souzasim Project Mod. You need to combine many different elements. Use the flexible control system to operate the vehicle. Observe the minimap to determine the location. As well as knowing the next direction. Especially drive according to the instructions of the system, through the red arrow displayed. Increase speed when going through straight sections. Slow down when preparing to enter corners to ensure no accidents. At the same time maintaining stability throughout the time driving on the road. Over time, constantly improve control skills. Cultivate motorcycle driving experience on complex terrains. From there can achieve excellent achievements to receive rewards, which are gold coins. The amount of the bonus will correspond to the achievements you achieve during driving.Tai Souzasim Project Mod

Customize parts, buy components

To own a racing car in your own style. You need to adjust many parts and retrofit components. Here, Souzasim Project Mod allows to customize the headlights, and rims, and lower the chassis height. Customize the suspension, change the exhaust, and much more. Not stopping there, use the accumulated gold from previous races. You can purchase components through the game’s store. Search and buy the necessary things to improve the motorcycle. Increase operating ability, and improve technical parameters. Help racing cars can operate better on the road. From there easily complete the task in the next race.Souzasim Project Mod

To bring the best experience of the motorcycle driving gameplay of Souzasim Project Mod. Graphics have been used in 3D to reproduce the realistic environment. Realistic physical effects are shown through sand and dirt lines. Incorporate a third perspective to see from the rear. Can track every movement of motorcycles and characters. Along with that, it is impossible not to mention the game’s sound system. The sound of the car engine when moving, the sound is very realistic.

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