Space Gangster 2 Mod APK 2.5.6 (Unlimited)
Space Gangster 2 Mod APK 2.5.6 (Unlimited)

Space Gangster 2 Mod APK 2.5.6 (Unlimited)

By HN - March 17, 2023 (2 weeks ago)
Name LMHMOD Space Gangster 2
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Naxeex Action & RPG Games
MOD Features Unlimited
Size 89MB
Version 2.5.6
Category Action
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update March 17, 2023 (2 weeks ago )

Become a Gangster in the action game Space Gangster 2 Mod. Set in a space station in outer space. Open up an exciting adventure for you to explore. Follow the open gameplay to freely explore the unknown. As well as learn about different regions. Following the offline mode will make it possible for you to play completely for free. With a series of unique features to bring an engaging experience when participating. Similar to other action-adventure games in the open world. Here you will have to perform many tasks with difficult challenges. Find a way to survive on the space station and build your own empire. The goal is to become the gang boss and take control of the spaceship to have a life of its own.

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The game is set on a vast space station in outer space. This place is built in a futuristic style. Open up a fantasy world with outstanding technological development. Expressed through construction works, road systems, and especially means of transport. Along with that is the vacant land planted with trees. Huge meteors form mountains. Everything is modeled after the design of the future, creating a modern world in outer space. Here you are not the only one that exists. There are still a lot of people living and also gangsters of the gangs. Accordingly, you can choose your own life.Space Gangster 2 Mod

Choose a path

Become a Gangster to build a strong empire? Or choose to be a commoner and enjoy a peaceful life? Everything is up to you to decide, through the actions taken during the adventure. If you want to live in peace, you will have to obey the law on the space station. Don’t break the law and complete the tasks simply. But this will not bring you excitement. By choosing the path to become a Gangster will have to overcome many different challenges. Face countless dangers from many enemies in the regions. From the criminals of other gangs surprise attack on the street. Until the chase of the police force.Tai Space Gangster 2 Mod

Danger level

Space Gangster 2 Mod’s space station adventure process. You will become a wanted criminal based on the number of stars, up to 5 stars. Accordingly, carry out criminal acts and oppose the forces. Especially killing civilians or fighting in the street. Attack the vehicles and kill the police unit. From there, your danger level will increase, as shown by the number of stars. No matter where you go, not just being chased and attacked by the police force. But also become the target of criminals or any citizen. Just with your presence, the wars will take place. This puts you in danger, even losing your life after the blood is depleted.Download Space Gangster 2 Mod


There are many means of transportation for you to use. They are all futuristic designs. For example, cars, airplanes, motorcycles, helicopters, and tanks, … there are many other vehicles waiting to be discovered. Each vehicle is impressively shaped. They use the jet system to move. Helps you shorten the time to the specified point in the process of performing the task. Or run away from chasing police units.


Besides, there are many different types of weapons. Divided into two groups including melee and ranged. For melee weapons can be mentioned as swords, axes, hammers, knives and some others. Likewise, ranged weapons like shotguns, laser guns, rocket guns, revolvers, and more. Each weapon has not only its own attack style. The difference between them is also reflected in the indicators.Game Space Gangster 2 Mod

Quest System

A series of different tasks need to be performed. Through moving to the specified position according to the direction from the arrow. After arriving, they will receive specific tasks and begin to proceed. For example, attacking dangerous criminals. Successfully robbed the vehicle that was circulating on the road. Escape from the chase from the police force. More will be unlocked in turn after each completion. At the same time, you will receive a bonus corresponding to the difficulty of the assigned task.

Use the money accumulated after completing the missions in Space Gangster 2 Mod. You can go to the game store to shop. Change your look and appearance with different outfits. Those are space costumes designed in many unique styles. At the same time can buy more fashion accessories such as glasses, and shoes. Depending on your combination of outfits and accessories. From there, you will create the character you want. But it should be noted, everything in the store has its own value, so the amount to buy will not be the same.

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