Stick Prison Mod APK 0.6.1 (God Mode, No ADS)
Stick Prison Mod APK 0.6.1 (God Mode, No ADS)

Stick Prison Mod APK 0.6.1 (God Mode, No ADS)

By HN - November 27, 2022
Name Stick Prison - Stickman Escape
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Mgif Studio
MOD Features God Mode, No ADS
Size 80MB
Version 0.6.1
Category Arcade
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update November 27, 2022 (2 months ago )

Enjoy the feeling of adventure in prison, through the game Stick Prison Mod. This is an entertaining game, designed in Arcade style. Unlock exciting levels, in ascending order. The content of the game revolves around the character Stickman being held in prison. Hoping to live a life of freedom, he decided to escape from prison. To bring the best and completely new experience to every player. Publisher Mgif Studio has built in the genre of 2D platformer. With the classic mechanism combined with a physical balance element. Along with a series of unique features waiting to be discovered. Graphics are designed with high resolution, creating beautiful images. Smooth and simple control interface, easy to use and observe. Mixed sound effects are changed flexibly according to each activity.

Download Stick Prison Mod – Accompany Stickman Characters in Prison Escape

The story of Stick Prison Mod revolves around the character Stickman. Is a prisoner being held in a prison? With the desire to enjoy a free life. Unmanaged by brutal prison guards. He decided to break out to leave the prison. An escape takes place with many challenges. Stickman’s character will face countless dangers. Especially will have to find a way to resist the attack of the prison guards. Along with that, sometimes you will have to rescue fellow prisoners being held in iron cages. They need to be rescued so they can escape with you. Also don’t miss the possible rewards. Through collecting and accumulating to unlock. There is a chance to receive many attractive items. They can be used to increase the reward the next time.Stick Prison Mod

Gameplay, levels, difficulty

Coming to Stick Prison Mod you will enjoy thousands of different levels. Based on gameplay that is a combination of obstacle course and puzzle. Each level unfolds an exciting prison escape story. Your mission is to accompany the Stickman character to the final gate. Through it to leave safely, complete the assigned task. Also based on the achievement achieved during the prison break, as well as the level of participation. Will be rewarded with gold coins. Then can continue to step into new levels. Take the next quest with increased difficulty. The distance needed to travel in prison is longer than before. In particular, the terrain will be changed, appearing more pitfalls. Will have to face the resistance of the fearsome prison guards.Game Stick Prison Mod

Obstacles, puzzle elements

Throughout the prison break in the levels of Stick Prison Mod. Stickman characters can perform different actions. Includes move left, right, and jump up. Through it to find a way to overcome the complex terrain in the prison. Avoid dangerous obstacles such as sharp saw blades, sharp spikes, iron spikes, etc. At the same time, you have to do puzzle activities. For example, push the object into the lava to create a path. Swing to the position of the prisoner being held to rescue. Or take advantage of spring thrust to overcome high terrain. Furthermore, he had to face the onslaught of prison guards. They will fire cannons as soon as they detect them. Aim to destroy, and prevent your escape from the prison.Tai Stick Prison Mod

Stamp knives and coins, skills

Through the journey to find a way to escape from prison in the game Stick Prison Mod. You will collect the gold coins. Also, have a chance to earn stamp knives. When accumulated enough 3 stamp knives will be used to open gift boxes. Choose to randomly open 3 gift boxes to receive bonuses or items. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the gold star during the escape. By only collecting the required number of stars in the game levels. Only you can open the gate to leave the prison. To complete the task excellently. Requires intelligence during the move. Observe the situations that arise ahead to find ways to handle them. Also, attack accurately to defeat the prison guards. By performing a precise jump on top of them.Download Stick Prison Mod

To recreate the most realistic prison escape. Stick Prison Mod has been designed with vivid 3D graphics. With image quality in high resolution. Along with the surrounding context, shown through the stone walls. And the appearance of obstacles, the guards. Simultaneously create a unique character and flexible movement activities. Smiling facial expressions were shown throughout the prison break. Or you can customize your Stickman character in a new style. Besides, the background music is played continuously, throughout the levels. Make every player feel more enjoyable.

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