Stickmans of Wars Mod APK 4.4.10 (Menu, Unlimited Resources, Immortality)
Stickmans of Wars Mod APK 4.4.10 (Menu, Unlimited Resources, Immortality)

Stickmans of Wars Mod APK 4.4.10 (Menu, Unlimited Resources, Immortality)

By TT - March 24, 2023 (5 days ago)
Name LMHMOD Stickmans of Wars
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Resources, Immortality
Size 102MB
Version 4.4.10
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Update March 24, 2023 (5 days ago )

Stickmans of Wars Mod is a super attractive online shooting role-playing game. This game is built on the inspiration of military wars, typically the first and second world wars. But it will not annoy you with cumbersome strategy elements or complicated operations. You just need simple operations to build, fight and survive in this game. Your task is not only to survive but also to explore the map and expand the territory. To do that, work hard to collect resources and upgrade your equipment.

Download Stickmans of Wars Mod – Real-time shooting military wars

Military wars have never been as exciting and entertaining as Stickmans of Wars. This is a new game that has just been released this year but has soon attracted a large number of gamers around the globe. That’s thanks to the entertainment it brings from the action, role-playing and shooting gameplay. The harmonious combination of many factors creates the perfect real-time survival experience. Besides, with a simple but fun design style, this game will make you feel relaxed when playing the game.


Join the long war

This game will put you in a war – where you have to survive and build your empire. To achieve this goal, you need to prepare many things and learn how to do many things. You need to mine resources to collect wood, stone, and more. Those are important resources that help you build tents, army camps, and craft tools and weapons. Besides, only resources will help you upgrade things. And the upgrade is the most important condition for you to survive as long as possible.

Besides mining and construction missions, you also have fascinating battles. If you want to expand your territory and find more resources, you must encounter other armies (red units). In the early levels, you can defeat enemies alone. But in a long war, you need elite troops from swordsmen, infantry, artillery, gunners, and more. An epic army will give you the edge on the battlefield map.


Upgrade with more equipment

Over time, the challenge of survival becomes more and more fierce and complex. But Stickmans of Wars Mod gives you hundreds of unique items to upgrade. Specifically, you can improve your army with hats, armor, weapons, shoes, gloves, and more. There are dozens of equipment slots to add the items you want. The number of equipment slots will increase as the level is higher. The equipment will help improve the character’s attributes, thereby upgrading your survival ability.

In terms of weapons, you can find a variety of options ranging from melee to ranged weapons. Melee weapons will include iron rods, shovels, hammers, and shotguns; rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, and artillery are medium to long-range weapons. So what is your favorite weapon? Not only weapons, but other items also have dozens of different types. You can upgrade these items to improve efficiency. More advanced armor will help better defense, and better shoes will help you run faster, … Don’t forget to unlock more skins to improve your character’s appearance.


Explore the map

The battlefield map is a large open space with a rich ecosystem. Therefore, exploring the map also becomes the joy of many gamers when coming to this game. Over time, the map will open up many new areas from the jungle – where there are wild animals, to the snowy land – where is covered with white snow. In addition, there are other terrains such as deserts, dungeons, etc. Each area will have its own color and bring many interesting challenges.


Fun and colorful 3D graphic style

Military war becomes new through the design of this game. No more fierce wars with exploding guns. Instead, it’s a fun online survival experience with a top-down perspective. This perspective will help you observe the entire battlefield and the movements of the army. Moreover, the fun design style brings entertainment to this game. But the attractiveness of the battle is not diminished thanks to the skill effects and vibrant sound.

So are you ready for the endless military war in Stickmans of Wars Mod yet? Now is the time to be in the battle and conquer the battlefield map. This is a war that doesn’t stop unless you give up or lose all your HP. Moreover, this war is not only shooting or raiding but also includes elements of construction and tactics. And you are not alone, but you need an elite army to survive as long as possible.

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