Tanks vs Bugs Mod APK 1.1.42 (Menu, Godmode, Onehit, Speed, Frozen, ESP)
Tanks vs Bugs Mod APK 1.1.42 (Menu, Godmode, Onehit, Speed, Frozen, ESP)

Tanks vs Bugs Mod APK 1.1.42 (Menu, Godmode, Onehit, Speed, Frozen, ESP)

By TT - January 27, 2023
Name Tanks vs Bugs
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Red-Spell
MOD Features Menu, Godmode, Onehit, Speed, Frozen, ESP
Size 77MB
Version 1.1.42
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update January 27, 2023 (6 days ago )

Tanks vs Bugs Mod is a tank shooting action game with idle mechanics. Join the game, you will become an important part of the fight against insects. Your task is to control a tank and destroy insects on the map. After that, you will receive a well-deserved reward for continuously upgrading weapons. There are hundreds of upgrade cards waiting for you to discover. Furthermore, there are dozens of tanks and attachments to unlock as the level progresses. Do not hesitate to use these items and upgrade your fighting power. The insect world is waiting for you!

Download Tanks vs Bugs Mod – Battle between tanks and bugs

Have you ever thought of participating in the war in the world of tiny insects? Tanks vs Bugs is the place to do it. This is a new game with old gameplay. Moreover, the gameplay is somewhat idle, so anyone can easily access this game. The story of the game is also not complicated when it comes to the battle between tanks and insects. In that war, you play as a tank commander with a mission to protect the world. The bugs will be your top opponents.


Join the idle war

The battle in the game takes place with a very simple mechanism. Entering the battlefield, you will control a tank to destroy insects. To do that, you just need to master how to use the joystick in the center of the screen. Specifically, you just need to click on the joystick to navigate and release your hand to shoot. The tank will automatically fire at the nearest target on the battlefield. But you need to navigate it wisely for an accurate, effective attack. Moreover, you need to learn how to move skillfully to dodge attacks.

After killing all enemies, you will get bonuses and a few upgrade options. It can be an upgrade in fire rate, firing distance, HP recovery, increased movement speed, increased ammo count, etc. Each option brings efficiency to your battle. Please base on the battlefield situation and choose the most reasonable upgrade. Not only is the upgrade option, but the game also allows you to collect the pieces of the fighting robot. When you collect enough pieces, you can recruit the robot to the battlefield – where the battle with the Boss is ready.


Unlock equipment, upgrade tanks

Tanks vs Bugs Mod brings dozens of cool tank models to unlock. It can be a single-barreled tank, a double-barreled tank, a machine gun tank, and more. Each tank has different characteristics. Of course, the more stars the tank has, the more expensive and powerful it is. You need to reach certain levels if you want to unlock more advanced tanks. Meanwhile, spend money on tank upgrades by shopping for unique equipment.

Each tank has up to 6 equipment slots. You can add new parts such as weapons, armor, energy bars, etc. Each item has a certain effect on the function and strength of the tank. Therefore, if you choose the appropriate equipment, you will improve the tank’s attribute stats. To unlock this equipment, you need to spend gold or gems. Sometimes you will get equipment shards from daily quest rewards. Let’s combine them together to get stronger over time.


Explore the diverse enemy system

The insect world is actually more diverse than you think. It brings hundreds of types of enemies with different shapes and strengths. You can come across carnivorous plants that spray bullets at a fast rate, crawling bugs, or giant venomous spiders. You should have your own strategy to deal with each type of enemy. Many newly unlocked areas bring new enemies and challenges. And diversity in action strategy is the key to getting you as far as possible.


3D design with a top-down view

This game will give you a realistic experience atmosphere with 3D graphics. With high-quality graphics, the game simulates in detail images from tanks to insects, robots, and battlefield backgrounds. The combat effects are equally vivid. And you’ll enjoy these from the signature top-down perspective. Moreover, the vibrant sound element also partly stimulates the fighting spirit.

Get ready for the battle in Tanks vs Bugs Mod. This is where you will satisfy the feeling of tank shooting. This game does not require too many operations but still causes excitement with the idle shooting mechanism. At the same time, you will have an endless battle journey through hundreds of levels. Each level is a battle with many types of enemies. Prepare yourself for the most epic battles here.

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