Tizi Town: My Princess Games APK 2.10
Tizi Town: My Princess Games APK 2.10

Tizi Town: My Princess Games APK 2.10

By TT - January 26, 2023
Name Tizi Town: My Princess Games
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher IDZ Digital Private Limited
Size 115MB
Version 2.10
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Update January 26, 2023 (1 week ago )

Do you like a light and playful home design game? Tizi Town: My Princess Games Mod is the place for you. This is one of the best installments of the Tizi Town series. This game offers a beautiful classic space where you can design castles, grounds, princess mansions, and more. There are hundreds of unique items from decorations and constructions to home appliances, clothes, and accessories, … for you to choose from. Combine items your way to create your own space. This game is suitable for all gamers, especially children.

Download Tizi Town: My Princess Games Mod – Design rooms your way

Interior design games always make many gamers excited. And Tizi Town: My Princess Games is one of them. This game is where you can design, create and imagine. It has no specific design rules or time-bound tasks. What you do is arrange objects to create colorful spaces. You do not need to worry or rush to complete the task. Enjoy the relaxing and soothing gameplay here.


Explore a huge treasure of decorations

It can be said that the inventory in this game is enough for you to create a virtual world. There are tons of different items from furniture to home appliances, kitchen items, decorations, and more. Each item has its own shape, pattern, and design. It can also be classic or modern. Your job is to find the right items to decorate the rooms. Do you like a royal classic bedroom?

To design a room, you just need to open the item menu and select the items there. Then you can move the items anywhere. For example, you will put a night light next to the bed, a sofa in the living room, a gate in the park, a dressing table in a personal room, etc. In the kitchen, you can place dining tables and chairs, and other appliances. Don’t forget to unlock the right items to decorate the castle grounds.


Design various locations

Tizi Town: My Princess Games Mod opens up a lot of beautiful locations to design. It can be a bedroom, kitchen, living room, palace, campus, swimming pool, park, street, and more. Each location will require a different design. For example, you don’t go to the bed in the yard or the picnic mat in the dining room. Instead, you can add chemical pots, greeting gates, and stone benches, … to the campus.

Of course, if you like novelty, you have the right to be creative in your own way. A bedroom doesn’t have to have lights, wardrobes, or murals. You can design it the way you want with the layout you come up with. You can also add fun characters and interact with them. Don’t forget to unlock more pets, statues, wind chimes, stars, alternate wall colors, rugs, floors, and more.


Meet cartoon characters

The story of the game would not be interesting if only the furniture. Therefore, you should add to the story cartoon characters and pets. Each character in the game has its own look and cheerful personality. You can change their look with models of pants, tops, princess dresses, accessories, shoes, and more. Make up your characters and take them to many different places.

Unlimited interoperability

The main purpose of this game is to entertain and stimulate the creativity of gamers. To do this, it unleashes all interoperability. In other words, you have the right to interact with things in your own way. Each item can be moved anywhere by touching and dragging. The ability to interact with the character is even more interesting. Because they have happy expressions when eating, relaxing, playing games, etc.


Sharp and realistic 2D design

The game world appears vividly on 2D graphics. Every detail from decorations and furniture to the background is very sharp and colorful. Thanks to that, the experience scene is always bright, stimulating the imagination of players. Moreover, the items have realistic designs, making the interior design more interesting than ever. Soft music also contributes to relaxation for gamers.

So, are you ready to play Tizi Town: My Princess Games Mod yet? This game is great for those who like interior design. Unlock different locations and design them in different styles. You will always find tons of items suitable for the design of the bedroom or the premises. Now is the time to immerse yourself in the design of the princess mansion!

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