Zero City Mod APK 1.39.0 (Menu, OneHit, High Defense, Damage, ESP)
Zero City Mod APK 1.39.0 (Menu, OneHit, High Defense, Damage, ESP)

Zero City Mod APK 1.39.0 (Menu, OneHit, High Defense, Damage, ESP)

By TT - March 20, 2023 (1 week ago)
Name LMHMOD Zero City
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher B.V.
MOD Features Menu, OneHit, High Defense, Damage, ESP
Size 118MB
Version 1.39.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update March 20, 2023 (1 week ago )

Welcome to Zero City Mod – an action and strategy survival game with an apocalyptic setting. Join the game, you will become the commander of the last bunker on earth. Everyone here is in danger as zombies have found the location of the bunker and are constantly destroying it. As a commander, you must do everything to protect this last shelter. Besides, you need to recruit new residents to rescue them from the dangerous world. Each resident will have their own skills. Take them to your shelter to fortify your defenses!

Download Zero City Mod – Protect humanity from the apocalypse

The post-apocalyptic setting is not too new for mobile games, but Zero City is still one of the most worth playing-games. This game gives you two typical modes, Story and PvP. These modes possess a series of unique missions and events revolving around the apocalypse. There, your mission is to rescue humanity and protect the last shelter. If you play in PvP mode, your opponents are not just zombies. You will face off against other guilds to dominate the online arena.


Build and defend the last bunker

According to the story campaign, you play as a commander of the last group of survivors. They were hiding in the bunker but were discovered by zombies, and now death is closer than ever. Your role is to rescue people with your strategy. You need to rebuild the bunker, recruit new residents, unlock equipment and weapons, and expand the place even further. To do that, you need to gather enough necessary resources. In particular, food and weapons are the two most important things here.

The bunker is where people hide, but it’s also where resources are hidden. Your group of residents cannot stay here forever without food and essential items. So you need to use the most talented residents out to find resources. With the resources, you earn, use them for living and expanding your shelter. Over time, you need many new areas such as the kitchen, office, research room, training room, etc. Each area will take on its own function, helping the bunker grow and become more stable.


Recruit and upgrade residents

In the dark context of Zero City Mod, each survivor has his own value. Someone who is good at cooking will work in the kitchen, scientists will work in the laboratory, those who are good at fighting will participate in training and combat… Your job is to allocate each inhabitant to tasks. fit. At the same time, you need to upgrade them regularly to learn new skills. To upgrade, you can equip residents with necessary items from weapons, armor, and electronics to shoes, hats, and more.

Besides, the number of residents will increase as the level gets higher. You can find new residents from other cities. They will accompany your team in the process of survival and building bunkers. But you need to expand your hiding place if you want to receive new residents. More residents mean better defense and survival. Moreover, the resident system will be increasingly diverse with many new classes and skills. And you will witness their growth over time, what could be better?


Join the battle for survival

This game has not only building and strategy but also real survival battles. You will find these wars in the daily quest system. That’s when the zombies attacked the border near your bunker. You need to send armed forces to the battlefield and clean them up. Wars will take place with idle mechanics. You just need to touch the screen to use skills and add-ons. The warriors will automatically fight and bring back resources.


Intuitive and vivid 2D interface

Everything in the game is vividly depicted with 2D graphics. As a result, it provides a detailed, intuitive experience interface on the horizontal screen of the phone. The front view allows you to see the entire shelter and what’s going on inside. Moreover, this perspective allows you to fully enjoy the battle. Images of characters, zombies, and objects … are really diverse. Moreover, each character has their own position, appearance, and talent, so there is a lot to explore.

Don’t hesitate to download Zero City Mod and join the survival journey. You will be the new commander of this journey instead of joining the battles on your own. Make the wisest decisions to build, strengthen and upgrade your shelter. Moreover, you need a proper strategy to grow the group of survivors in the bunker. Survival wars with zombies also need your command.

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